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Clinical and economic data from real patient care are occupying an increasingly important area in the assessment of therapies because – unlike in clinical trials – no patient selection is involved and wide-ranging insights can be gained into therapies and the resulting costs. 

More information on our patient care research projects is provided below.

Data collection from the primary system:

  • Systematic collection from all participating specialist physicians
  • Uniform data collection from the primary system

Representative data: 

  • In the LiveTicker register: > 50 outpatient medical facilities with > 120 physicians throughout Germany
  • In the blood biobank: > 30 outpatient medical facilities with > 80 physicians throughout Germany
  • In the psycho-oncological register: > 50 outpatient and inpatient medical facilities with > 80 physicians throughout Germany

As of December 2020


Longitudinal data collection from all participating patients concerning all drug-based therapies:

  • In the LiveTicker register: since 2011
  • In the blood biobank: since 2016 
  • In the psycho-oncological register: since 2015

Real-world evidence:

  • Consecutive collection of all relevant decision and treatment data from all consenting tumor patients at the time their therapy was planned
  • Enable longitudinal analysis of complete patient histories, including previous therapies, changes in dosage, and outcome data

Data pool monitored by a committee of oncological experts:

  • Continuous review of the input parameters and analysis options
  • Completeness, plausibility, and value of the dataset in daily clinical practice

Data validation:

  • Direct comparison with established registers and performance reports of the scientific medical societie

Non-interventional register study: 

  • LiveTicker: Ethics committee vote, registration with the German Clinical Trials Register (DKRS) as well as with the WHO Clinical Trials Search Portal
  • Blood biobank: Ethics committee vote
  • Psycho-oncological register: Ethics committee vote, accreditation of the German Cancer Society (DKG), registration with the StudyBox of OnkoZert GmbH

Privacy by design:

  • Adherence to all current provisions of data protection law
  • Data processing only in the form of aggregated and thus anonymized data analysis

Retrospective analysis:

  • Retrospective monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual analysis 
  • Statistical subgroup analysis on request