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The new possibilities offered by patient care management have led to an increase in demand for reliable data and knowledge on patient care in Germany. Standardized documentation of routine treatment is necessary in order to fulfill the Oncology Agreement and the requirements of the clinical cancer register, when developing and evaluating partnerships, in integrated patient care projects, or for certification as an oncological center.

In individual specialist practices, the systematic collection of treatment data helps ensure continuous quality assurance, enables benchmarking, and creates a knowledge base concerning need, quality, and efficiency in patient care structures.

Onkotrakt AG develops and implements research projects focusing on patient care in oncology using IT-based documentation and data analysis methods. In particular, this includes mapping routine treatment by specialist physicians in oncological patient care and taking into account care-related, patient-specific aspects such as psycho-oncology or side effects. This enables various questions, such as frequencies in the distribution of diagnoses or the use of particular therapy options, to be examined as part of the electronic collection of treatment data in order to assess the practical use of scientific knowledge at an early stage and integrate it into the treatment routine. The impact on patients’ mental health can be measured by way of a questionnaire on the need for psycho-oncological support to initiate an intervention if necessary.